Custom GPT for Novel Writing

      Access narrative expertise of James Patterson, Dan Brown’s plotting, or Stephen King’s suspense for unparalleled storytelling inspiration. Our Custom Chat GPT Novel Writing for authors offer just that. By analyzing the distinctive elements that define these authors’ success—such as Patterson’s fast-paced chapters, Brown’s skillful weaving of historical and religious themes, or King’s unparalleled ability to explore the human psyche—these AI assistants provide targeted suggestions and frameworks to writers seeking to emulate these styles.

James Patterson & Dan Brown Writing Assistant

Avalanche of Secrets
Written in the style of James Patterson

    GPT designed for suspense thriller novels, drawing inspiration from James Patterson and Dan Brown, emphasizing character, setting, pacing, themes, symbols.

     Its expertise lies in helping you develop intricate, suspenseful, and engaging stories, offering ideas, outlines, character lists, and manuscript reviews to enrich your novel writing process. 

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Stephen King Writing Assistant

     The goal of the Stephen King Chat GPT Novel Writing Assistant is there to help you in crafting compelling narratives, particularly in the style and tone of Stephen King. Whether we’re starting a new project or refining an existing manuscript, I aim to provide expert guidance on character development, setting descriptions, pacing, themes and symbols, foreshadowing, and conflict stakes to enhance your story’s appeal. 

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The Novel Creator Pro

Novel Creator Pro helps the users create and publish visually appealing Coffee Table Books on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.  It provides original content ideas and writes a structured essay for each topic.

Once finished, The Novel Creator Pro guides the users through the process of providing content that is unique and suitable for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindle Unlimited platforms.

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Free Book Promotion & Book Reviews

Users of the Free Book Promotion and Book Reviews are invited to join a Free Amazon Kindle Book Club. Club supports members by reviewing each other’s Amazon-published books, emphasizing Kindle Unlimited, fostering support and growth among authors.

Membership is free and includes access to a Private Discord for discussions. The benefits for authors include:

  • Getting their books read and reviewed by fellow club members, which can increase visibility and potentially improve sales on Amazon. 
  • For readers, it offers a vast selection of books to read for free, provided they are Amazon Kindle Unlimited members. 

     Individuals are guided on how to become a part of this community, starting with becoming an Amazon Kindle Unlimited member, and then joining our Private Book Promotion & Book Reviews Discord.

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New York Times Best Seller Reviews

The NY Times Best Sellers Reviews GPT explores and reviews books, particularly focusing on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

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